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                  Manual Resuscitator-PVC/Silicone

                  Manual Resuscitator-PVC/Silicone

                  Manual Resuscitator apparatus is a simple tool for artificial ventilation. Compared with mouth - to - mouth breathing, the oxygen supply concentration is higher and the operation is simple. Especially the condition is critical, when no time tracheal intubation, can use pressure mask to give oxygen directly, make the patient get sufficient oxygen supply, improve the organization anoxic state.

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                  Product detail

                  Manual Resuscitator-PVC/Silicone


                  1. Customized accessories: air bag, anesthesia mask, oxygen tube. mouthpieces, oropharyngeal airways, and lifting straps

                  2. Integral intake valve design, direct connection of air storage bag and oxygen tube;

                  3. Non-slip effect of the rough surface of the recovery balloon can provide the rescuer good operability.

                  4. Oxygen tube: 2.1m.

                  5. Standard patient valve connector: 15/22mm.

                  6. PP Plastic Box, 12pcs/box; Poly Bag&Paper Box, 24pcs/box

                  7. Pressure Relief Valve:40cmH2O/60cmH2O

                  8. Capacity Gas Storage Bag:1600ml/2000ml/2500ml

                  9. Balloon Capacity:280/300/600/1650

                  Item No. Type Size Carton Size
                  CD-037 PVC Infant



                  PP Box, 24PCS/CTN, 55.5*43*42cm
                  MOQ 120 pcs per size
                  Monthly capacity 50000 per month
                  Certificates CE, ISO13485,FSC
                  OEM Acceptable

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