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                  The full name of HMEF is Heat Moisture Exchange Filter. HMEF is composed of housing, filter membrane, humidity exchange material, Luer lock connector, Luer lock cap and non-threaded cap base. It is used to filter viruses and bacteria in the breathing circuit and maintain the temperature and humidity in the breathing circuit. The product is disposable and sterilized by ethylene oxide.

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                  Product detail



                  1. Made of medical grade PP/PP+K-resin.

                  2. Can be used in connection with anesthesia mask, breathing circuit and other related consumables

                  3. Used to humidify, warm and filter the gas that comes out of the ventilator and other instruments and enters the patient’s breath.

                  4. Bacterial/Viral filter efficiency is more than 99.99%, can provide high efficiency of thermal insulation and moisturizing.

                  5. Delivery time: ≤20000 pcs, within 25 days, ≤100000 pcs, negotiable

                  Material ?Medical grade PP/PP+K-resin
                  Size ?Pediatric, Adult, Infant
                  Color ?Green
                  Package 1pc/blister, 100/200 pcs in big poly bag per carton
                  MOQ 1000 pcs per size
                  Monthly capacity 100000 per month
                  Sterilized method EO gas
                  OEM Acceptable

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                  If you have any questions please fell free to contact with us.