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                  Guedel Airway

                  Guedel Airway

                  The oropharyngeal airway is a non-invasive airway, which can prevent the tongue from falling behind and quickly open the airway to establish a temporary artificial airway.

                  Email: [email protected]

                  Product detail

                  Guedel Airway


                  Through oral insertion, prevent the airway occlusion

                  1. Maintain a gas pathway

                  2. Facilitate airway suctioning

                  3. Disposable

                  4. Package: 50pcs/box.

                  5. Material: PVC+ABS/PE+PP

                  Size Length Discription Color
                  0000# 30mm Premature Natural
                  000# 40mm Neonate Pink
                  00# 50mm Infant Blue
                  0# 60mm Pediatric-S Black
                  1# 70mm Pediatric White
                  2# 80mm Adult-S Green
                  3# 90mm Adult-M Yellow
                  4# 100mm Adult-L Red
                  5# 110mm Adult-XL Light Blue
                  6# 120mm Adult-XXL Orange

                  Contact With Us

                  If you have any questions please fell free to contact with us.