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                  Disposable Sterile Surgical Gown

                  Disposable Sterile Surgical Gown

                  Disposable sterile surgical gowns are mainly used to prevent the spread of infectious agents between patients and medical staff during surgical procedures and other invasive examinations, to achieve the purpose of isolating pathogenic bacteria or liquids that cause human infection.Made of four layer of fabric (SMMS) to provide high level of fluid repellency. The fabric features of two meltblown layers sandwiched between two strong, spunbond uterlayers. This gown gives you great wearing comfort with breathability.

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                  Product detail

                  Disposable Sterile Surgical Gown


                  1. Material : Non-woven fabric

                  2. EN13795-1 testing report.

                  3. With tie or Velcro

                  4. Accessories for choice: napkin

                  5. Delivery time: ≤20000 pcs, within 25 days, ≤100000 pcs, negotiable

                  Material ?PP non-woven fabric
                  Size ?M, L, XL,XXL, XXXL
                  Type Standard, Reinforced
                  Color ?Blue
                  Package 1pc/blister, 50 pcs/ carton
                  MOQ 3000 pcs per size
                  Monthly capacity 100000 per month
                  Certificates CE, ISO13485, FSC
                  OEM Acceptable

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