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                  CPE/PE/PP Disposable shoe covers

                  CPE/PE/PP Disposable shoe covers

                  Mainly used in operating rooms, laboratories, food workshops, dust-proof workshops, beauty salons and other places, with anti-skid, dust-proof and waterproof effects.

                  Email: [email protected]

                  Product detail

                  CPE/PE/PP Disposable shoe covers


                  1. Material: CPE

                  2. Weight: 1.5-4.5g /pc, can be customized.

                  3. Color: Blue, white or customized

                  4. Size: 16*40cm or 17*40cm

                  5. Application: Clinic,hospital,pharmacy,foodprocessing,electronics industry,agriculture,ect.

                  6. Brand: Evereast Medical ,or OEM is available

                  7. Certificate: CE,ISO13485.

                  8. Lead time: ≤1000000 pcs, within 15 days, ≤5000000 pcs, negotiable

                  Material CPE
                  Size 16*40cm or 17*40cm
                  Color Blue, white or customized
                  Package 10pcs/roll,100pcs/pe bag
                  MOQ 100000 pcs
                  Monthly capacity 2000000 per month
                  Certificates CE, ISO13485
                  OEM Acceptable

                  Contact With Us

                  If you have any questions please fell free to contact with us.