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                  Blood Lancet

                  Blood Lancet

                  Sterile Disposable Twist Blood Lancet, featuring the highest quality needle, a tri-bevel tip dramatically reduces trauma when skin is punctured. These lancets also offer universal style compatible with almost all lancing devices.

                  Email: [email protected]

                  Product detail

                  Blood Lancet


                  1. Medical grade material.

                  2. Single use.

                  Material Medical grade material.
                  Type Plastic Handle, Twist Top Type

                  Stainless Steel, Flake Type

                  Safety Lancet-Pressure Activated

                  MOQ 10000 pcs per size
                  Monthly capacity 5000000 per month
                  Certificates CE, ISO13485
                  OEM Acceptable

                  Contact With Us

                  If you have any questions please fell free to contact with us.