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                  Berman Airway

                  Berman Airway

                  The oropharyngeal airway is a non-invasive airway, which can prevent the tongue from falling behind and quickly open the airway to establish a temporary artificial airway.

                  Email: [email protected]

                  Product detail

                  Berman Airway


                  1. Dual channel design

                  2. Open on the sides to allow for unobstructed passage of air and easy access for suction catheter

                  3. Eight models chosen for adult,child and neonate

                  4. 100% latex free

                  5. Disposable

                  6. Package: 50pcs/box.

                  7. Material: PVC+ABS/PE+PP

                  Size Length Discription Color Color
                  000# 40mm Neonate Natural Pink
                  00# 50mm Infant Natural Blue
                  0# 60mm Pediatric-S Natural Black
                  1# 70mm Pediatric Natural White
                  2# 80mm Adult-S Natural Green
                  3# 90mm Adult-M Natural Yellow
                  4# 100mm Adult-L Natural Red
                  5# 110mm Adult-XL Natural Light Blue

                  Contact With Us

                  If you have any questions please fell free to contact with us.