Brazil’s Largest Rivers

Brazil is home to varied wildlife and a vast, thriving ecology. And all of this is fed by its incredible basins and rivers, which serve not only nature but also the citizens of this great country.
The main rivers in brazil are the Amazon, the Araguaia, and the Tocantins. Everyone knows about the might Amazon River. It is 4000 miles long and runs through seven countries: Brazil, Guyana, Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru, and Guyana. It can grow to over 120 miles wide during the wet season and is home to over 3000 species of fish, including the infamous piranha.
The Araguaia River runs through Goiás and is a bit over 1600 miles in length and empties into the Amazon. It is a vacation destination, mainly attracting sport fisherman.
The Tocantins River is a bit longer than the Araquaia at 1640 feet and home to just as much wildlife and game and its name is translated as ‘the toucan’s beak’. Together they form the massive Araquaia-Tocantins Basin.